Photo Shoots are fun! Keep telling yourself that over and over again as you prepare for your session, I'm kidding, sort of... In all seriousness though, I'm first and foremost a mom to 4 kids, I was also a bride, an expectant mama, a mom to 4 newborns and have taken part in several family/children sessions. So I understand the planning, organizing and investment that comes with a photo session. I understand that it can feel stressful. Leave that pre conceived notion on the floor and get excited for your upcoming session. Sessions can run from 45 min - 12 hours depending on the package that you choose. I have so much fun during all these sessions and I know you will too!

Newborn -

Yeah! The hard part is over (as far as delivering that baby) and now it's time for some fun! You can expect our session to last at least 90 minutes sometimes longer depending on the baby. Turn up the heat, we want your little one to be very comfortable during our session (even if that means we are sweating). Try to have baby fed and changed before our session (that tiny little baby will be controlling this entire shoot, so don't stress too much about the feeding and changing, we have plenty of time). Put baby in a plain onesie so that I can change him/her easily when I arrive. I have everything we will need for the session, but i also would love to use whatever is special to you. I also LOVE ideas from new mamas so please don't be shy! Send or show me whatever ideas you love. I love siblings and furry friends so make sure to include them as well! This is such a special time in your lives so enjoy the shoot and leave all the work up to me.

Engagement -

Our session will last 45 minutes. I would love to photograph you guys at a location thats special to you. If that location doesn't exist in this state I would be happy to travel with you anywhere in the world... or i can advise on some great locations in the Chicagoland area. I want you to be in your element so i can capture the real you! I recommend you doing something fun as a couple before our session, whether it be grabbing a cocktail, doing couples yoga or going for a run, did I mention grabbing a cocktail?!? Seriously though, I want to capture your realness. Remember this is a dress rehearsal for the big day so don't be shy and give me all you've got! As far as clothing I recommend you dress in whatever makes you feel gorgeous. If thats cocktail attire, jeans and a blouse/button down or Lululemon go for it! Make it your own and own it in front of the lens.

Family -

Our sessions will last 60 minutes. We will get pictures of the whole family, individual, just kids, just parents and parents and kids separately. Make sure to bring that furry friend. Locations can be determined by both parties. I have several great family friendly locations if you can't think of a place you would like be photographed. There is lots of laughing, goofiness and fun at every session. In terms of clothing i would coordinate colors, I know it's hard for some and don't get me wrong it's cute, sometimes, but please try not to put your children in all matching outfits. It never looks good on camera. Color is so important and something you should strive for!

Mini Sessions -

Mini sessions are a 25 minute shoot which is great for a quick family shot and a few individuals. They are super fun and fast. They happen 3/4 times a year at dates that have been posted in the investment section of my website. Space is limited. These will be the only mini sessions I will hold throughout the year. Newborn sessions are not done during mini session dates.

All sessions require a $100 deposit and mini sessions ($200) require payment in full the day you reserve your spot. Sessions take up to two weeks to be edited and returned depending on the season. 48 hour notification is needed if you're planning on canceling your shoot. If your sessions wasn't covered above, just ask and i can give you any details you need!