SMILE, You're Beautiful!

SMILE, You're Beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work, I hope we can collaborate and work together soon!

My name is Katie and my family and I are located Outside of Charlotte, NC. I have been married for 11 years, have four children and two adorable mini dachshunds. I majored in Business and minored in Photography. My love for photography began early in life. I studied film photography throughout college and slowly transitioned into digital. There is something so beautiful about film photography and it's still my favorite.

My dreams of working for myself began 10 years ago when I was fortunate enough to turn my knowledge and hobby into a successful photography company. Kathryn Hastings is my first and middle name, but everyone calls me Katie. I love the people I get to meet and the lives I get to touch with my work. I feel honored to be able to photograph every family, baby, and bride knowing that my work will forever hold a memory for them.

My style of photography is very unique in that my eye for beauty catches people in a more creative light. Everyone I meet is beautiful. I find that their beauty shines brightest when they are comfortable, happy and excited. I hope to make everyone I photograph feel that way! Sometimes while I’m editing my shoots I find myself giggling and laughing as I recall our time together (we always have a good time amongst the crying, fits and bribing). I find myself connecting with all my clients on a personal level and really cherish that connection, it allows for beautiful pictures to be produced and memories made.

I’m so excited for the potential to work with you. Email me with any further questions.


“Photographs capture more then an image, they
capture feelings, emotions and time. Three things that are often difficult to store in ones memory.”
- Kathryn Hastings